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Fine stone concrete pump maintenance adjustment

2016/11/18      view:
Fine stone concrete pump is one of the main products of our machinery,below we want to know is a fine stone concrete pump maintenance reliefknowledge:
Protection of relief, not including performance conditioning, when the fine stone concrete pump task for a period of time after S tube, clearance, eye plate, ring wear will certainly level due to wear and happen, if the gap is too large, will affect the normal pumping, should be timely adjustment and replacement, wear gap can measure from the cleaning hopper, when the gap is greater than 0. 5mm, a special bolt adjust S pipe shaft front, will swapbetween S tube wear rings and board clearance in 0 eyes. 1-0. 2mm is appropriate, if the wear ring and the eye plate pressed too tight, S tube will not swing in place. In the normal use of the equipment support, our companyoperating fine stone concrete pump products through professional testing, to ensure the quality of.
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